Help Wanted on the High Frontier! Join the NASA Team

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They had answered those inflated help wanted ads hoping to find freedom to live as Catholics. They thought near-Earth orbit on the world’s first space colony was far enough away from a world gone mad. 

It wasn’t.

Because now the President of Earth has decreed all those old, uptight, negative religions will be dissolved and reformed into one brilliant new Faith that everyone WILL join. Or else. She says it’s the only way to peace.

That doesn’t work for Catholics. They only want their religion, the one God gave them. They are laying low and preparing themselves for arrest or worse when they hear a rumor about a mysterious asteroid hidden deep in the heart of the Oort Cloud. The perfect hiding place! Slight problem: only one man, the Muslim pilot Laiq Amanpour, who stumbled across the asteroid on a routine mission, has the coordinates to the location, and he’s in jail. And so is their new priest, arrested at his first mass on the colony. 

Another thing: even if they could get the pilot out of jail and even if he’d give them the coordinates, how would they get to the asteroid? They have the keys to a fine ship, but they’re Catholics and they understand their Scholastic morality well enough to know you can’t choose a bad means to a good end. You can’t steal, even to escape.

So they’re praying it out. But then in the middle of the rosary this little Goth girl platinum miner steps up with clear title to the mighty Space Pod 386, or the Regina Coeli as her Catholic crew names her, and everything changes. They bust Laiq and Father Tim out of the lockup, load up the ship like Noah’s Ark, and then they run for it, along with several Muslim families who’d rather live with the tolerance of hardcore Christians than under corrupt seculars where life is hell. Along the way they stop by the brutal mining asteroid, the Bernina Harrison, to save the life of an unborn child.

And then the chase begins. It’s straight out of Exodus, and Pharaoh’s army is coming up fast. But this ain’t your grandpa’s Red Sea, it’s much worse.

No problem.

They’re much better. 


This is an adult novel due to the very brief depiction of pornography in one scene and the suggestion of an illicit sexual relationship in another (repented by the character). The inclusion of these scenes is intended to show the intolerable social situation from which these Catholics (and Muslim) are running. 





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